icatcher console



icatcher console is a powerful, comprehensive and scalable system for digital cctv, video management and analytics designed with usability as a core feature.

In addition to the comprehensive surveillance features, icatcher console also integrates with door access systems, home automation and a wide range of sensors enabling icatcher console to become the hub of not just your video surveillance, but your security and monitoring systems as a whole.

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Camera Support

Supported camera list | Supported capture cards

icatcher console is an open platform, supporting IP network cameras and video capture cards from all leading manufactures, including Axis, Panasonic, Bosch, Etrovision and Euresys. The flexible, open architecture ensures you have a wide choice of suppliers and that new deployments can integrate with existing systems, analogue or digital, leveraging your existing investments.

Support for industry standards such as H.264 and RTSP ensures you can take advantage of new devices as they become available, and we work closely with leading manufacturers to ensure we support the widest range of cameras[/one_half]

Video Management

A flexible management architecture enables each camera to have its own set of storage and archiving rules, allowing you to prioritise storage for more critical camears. System Administrators can easily see the period recorded footage covers for each camera and the storage used.

Video Analytics

Motion Maps | Face Detection | Trip wires | Dwell Time

A wide range of advanced analytics are included in icatcher console. Motion detection enables event-driven recording and alerting, whilst our unique ICE technology provides trip-wires, people counting, object tracking and more.

Remote Viewing

Web | iPhone | Windows Phone

Both live and recorded footage can be viewed in a number of ways. The SmartClient allow full remote viewing playback and mangement of a icatcher system. Live and recorded footage is also available via a web interface or via our Apps for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android.


Email | SMS | Twitter | HTTP | FTP | Audio | Trigged I/O

The Alerting system allows users to be notified of events such as motion, camera failure, and other events. Alerts can be send via email, HTTP/FTP uploads, text or Twitter. Motion alert can trigger upload of the motion events to a website.[/one_half_last]