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Raytec Vario i4-1 infrared Illuminator

£221.26 Price incl. VAT: £265.51

– Enables infrared-sensitive cameras to capture black and white images in complete darkness, providing 24-hour security monitoring
– Provides a beam angle up to 120° and a maximum of 120m distance, ideal for car parks and loading bays
– Vario interchangeable lens system enables flexibility with beam angle, 10°, 35° and 60° are supplied or 80° or 120° lenses are available separately (please select from the drop down menu above if required)
– Optimum illumination and prevention of overexposure from Hot Spot Reduction Technology (HRT)
– Reliable LED performance with Platinum LED technology
– Handy LED status indicator
– 5 year warranty
– Wall/ceiling mount bracket included
– Vandal-resistant and IP66-rated unit suitable for external use
– Reduced running costs with Green Touch technology

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The i4-1 is part of the Raytec Vario range of low-voltage, high performance infrared illuminators, which can be used alongside infrared-sensitive CCVT cameras to provide long-range black and white image capture in complete darkness. The Vario i4-1 unit provides an infrared beam at an angle of up to 120° or at a maximum distance of 120m. The Vario interchangeable lens system enables users can swap lenses to achieve different angles of illumination to best suit the application and camera’s field of view.

Featuring Hot Spot Reduction Technology (HRT), the Raytec Vario i4-1 unit is able to deliver a highly diffused elliptically shaped infrared beam, ensuring optimum illumination, reducing light waste and preventing images from overexposure. All LEDs are equipped with Platinum advanced LED technology together with Light Intensification Miniature Optics (LIMO) and Cool Running thermal management for reliability.

Timer function, power adjust, remote dimming and telemetry control features are supported by the i4-1, lowering running costs enhancing energy savings. The Vario i4-1 illuminator is also supplied with a ceiling/wall bracket for easy installation, and has a 5 year warranty. The unit is vandal-resistant and IP66-rated, therefore suitable for use in exposed outdoor areas.