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RAYMAX 100 Illuminator – Covert

£420.81 Price incl. VAT: £504.97

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The RAYMAX 100 Illuminator provides up to 80 metres of IR illumination using an array of miniature LEDs. An adjustable photocell allows you to control the switch-on light level and the unit is fully IP66 rated. Adpative Illumination technology ensures the optimum light spread and illumination distances. A suitable power supply is included which accepts 100-250V (auto sensing).

Available in 4 spread angle configurations. Illumination distance is determined by installation environment and capabilities of the IR camera. Illumination distance decreases as spread angle is increased.

This is the 940nm Covert version which uses infra-red almost invisible to the human eye. Not all Night Vision cameras are sensitive to this Infra-Red wavelength. Please check your camera specification before purchasing.

Note that the infra-red LEDs will emit a very slight red glow. This glow is significantly less than the equivalent semi-covert product.