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Bosch TINYON IP 2000 PIR

£189.95 Price incl. VAT: £227.94

– Smooth, high-quality video footage in HD 720p resolution at 30 frames per second
– Electronic day/night switches to black and white recording in low light for clearer indoor images
– Built-in microphone and loudspeaker offer two-way audio support for communication between user and scene
– Audio and motion detection alerts can be configured to enhance alarm signalling
– JPEG’s can be posted to four user accounts (FTP or cloud storage) when an alarm is triggered or at scheduled times – enhancing scene awareness
– Recordings can be stored locally to a MicroSD card (card not included) providing a simple standalone solution
– Supports power through Power-over-Ethernet for a quick and cost-effective installation
– Dynamic noise reduction improves video quality in low-light environments and reduces bandwidth
– Bandwidth levels can be managed and reduced with area-based encoding

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This affordable IP camera from Bosch offers HD 720p resolution at up to 30 frames per second (fps), alongside electronic day/night recording for smooth video capture – even in low light. Part of the compact TINYON range, additional features include an integrated PIR sensor, two-way audio support and built-in SD card storage. The Bosch Video Security mobile app is also supported for remote monitoring on the go.

The integrated PIR sensor can trigger alarms, start recording or switch on the camera’s white light LED when motion is detected and audio-triggered alarms are supported using the unit’s built-in microphone. Both audio and motion detection alarms can prompt updates to be sent to users via email, SMS or mobile device notifications (when using the Bosch Video Security app) – handy when you need to be made aware of any activity. The camera’s microphone is complemented by an integrated speaker which allows 2-way communication between the user and those close to the camera. Time or alarm-based JPEG posting can deliver images to four different accounts via FTP servers or cloud-based storage facilities such as Dropbox. Users are also able to export JPEG images or video clips directly to these accounts for instant data retrieval.

Local recording to the on-board MicroSD card (card not included) allows this unit to be used as a standalone system. Additionally, support for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) helps to simplify installation as both power and network connectivity are supplied to the camera over a single cable.

The inclusion of Bosch imaging technology allows this great value IP camera to deliver clearer low-light images as well as reduced bandwidth levels. Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) technology analyses the scene and reduces noise levels accordingly. Area-based encoding helps to manage bandwidth levels by setting compression parameters for up to eight user-definable regions which allows less interesting areas to be highly compressed, leaving more bandwidth for regions deemed more important. These low-noise images, together with efficient H.264 compression technology, result in reduced bandwidth streams that still retain a high image quality.

Easy access to the camera is provided via the included Bosch Video PC Client, a web browser or the free downloadable Bosch Video Security app. This mobile application provides a versatile viewing solution, suitable for smaller systems, enabling remote access to live views, camera control and recording playback – at any time or place.

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