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Axis P1365 Mk II Network Camera

£669.00 Price incl. VAT: £802.80

– Lightfinder for color images even in very low light
– Flexible CS-mount lens alternatives
– Up to 50 or 60 fps in HDTV 1080p
– Zipstream – saves bandwidth without sacrificing quality
– WDR – Forensic Capture for details in bright and dark areas

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AXIS P1365 Mk II Network Camera delivers excellent image quality and detail even in low light, and it captures rapid movement in HDTV resolution. AXIS P1365 Mk II is ideal for banks, governmental buildings, schools or assembly halls.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

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AXIS P1365 Mk II provides images that are optimized for forensic purposes regardless of lighting conditions. It offers outstanding light sensitivity and Axis’ Lightfinder technology for high-quality – color – images even when they’re recorded in the dark. And WDR – Forensic Capture lowers noise and increases the image signal for highly detailed nighttime images. WDR also provides an excellent degree of detail when there are both bright and darker areas in a scene – for example at an entrance or near a window with bright daylight outside and dimmer light inside.
AXIS P1365 Mk II full front

Flexible and always up to speed

AXIS P1365 Mk II is a CS-mount camera, so you can select different lenses depending on your surveillance needs. For example, you can choose a wide lens for large-area coverage or a telephoto lens for zooming in on specific areas of a scene. And AXIS P1365 Mk II delivers HDTV 1080p and support for 50 or 60 fps in H.264 and motion JPEG, which means it captures fast-moving objects and people in high-resolution image quality.

Sharp images. Low bandwidth

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AXIS P1365 Mk II features Axis’ Zipstream technology, which analyses the video stream in real time to identify areas of interest. These areas are compressed a bit less than other areas, preserving important details in full image quality, while reducing storage and bandwidth by up to 50%. The result is high-quality images and significant savings.

Madrid Bus Station South

Axis cameras with facial recognition software collect evidence on the 20 million people who use the station annually.

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